Freemasonry is the oldest, largest Fraternity in the world. It's members have included Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Statesmen, Generals, Admirals, Supreme Court Justices, corporate CEOs, opera stars, movie stars and probably, your next door neighbour.

And Masonry is always ready to welcome good men into the Fraternity. It's ready to welcome YOU.

Freemasonry offers much to its members: the opportunity to grow, the chance to make a difference, to build a better world. It offers the chance to be with and work with men who have the same values and ideals.

To learn more, find a Mason and ask him about Masonry. You probably know several Masons. Perhaps you've seen the Square and Compasses on a pin or tack or bumper sticker. If you know where the lodge is in your community, stop by and ask for the secretary of the lodge. He'll be happy to help you, or contact our Grand Lodge.