1:00 PM13:00

The Rededication of the Quinn House- Church of St. Andrew Hall -212 Parr Street, St. Andrews, N.B.

1:00 PM Meet & Greet

The Blessing: Rt. Wor. James McKenna:


MC: Rt. Wor. G. Donald Gruchy: 1st President 1985-1992

1:55 PM RWB Keith Burgess: President MC&H Co. Ltd.

Opening Remarks and Introduction of Dignitaries

. Mayor of St. Andrews: His Worship Douglas Naish

. N. B. Dept. of Social Development Representative:

. Quinn House Resident:

. Worshipful Bro. Morton Mitchell: Manager Quinn House St. Marks Lodge # 5

. Most Worshipful Bro. Miles Graham: Past Pres. MC&H Co Ltd

2:15 PM Introduction of Ceremony to be conducted at Quinn


Most Worshipful The Grand Master John A. Watson

* Short address and Introduction of Grand Lodge Officers before proceeding to Quinn House

2:30 PM REDEDICATION CEREMONY "Grand Lodge Officers"

* BENIDICTION: The Grand Chaplain

2:45 PM Closing Remarks: RWB KEITH BURGESS

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1:00 PM13:00

District # 6 Instructional Lodge Communication    

 Granite Lodge # 54, located at 542 Route 605 in Temperance Vale, NB on Saturday, 19 January 2019 at 13:00 for an “Instructional District #6 Lodge” meeting. Warm Refreshments will be served at noon prior to our communication.  It is necessary for the Secretary, Director of Ceremonies, the Junior and Senior Deacons, the Junior and Senior Wardens and the Worshipful Master of each Lodge in District #6 attend this Communication and all other Brethren are encouraged to attend as well.

Business Formal Attire

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7:30 PM19:30

Grand Master Official Visit- Cherry Mountain Lodge # 50

A brief outline of our program for the evening follows:


                                                6:00 pm -    Meet & Greet

                                                6:30 pm -    Dinner -Roast Pork Loin

                                                                                & all the fixings

                                                7:30 pm  -    Lodge Opens

                                                7:45 pm  -    Receive the Grand Master                  

                                                                                & his Suite


                                                9:30 pm      Refreshments after Grand Lodge retires

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