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Mentoring Workshop - Fredericton (Districts 4 & 6)

The GLNB Training, Education and Mentorship Committee has developed a workshop on Mentoring that will be presented in three locations as follows:
Saint John Masonic Temple - February 25 - 9am to 3pm (Districts 1 & 5)
Fredericton Masonic Temple - March 4 - 9am to 3pm (Districts 4 & 6)
Moncton Masonic Temple - March 25 - 9am to 3pm (Districts 2, 3 and 7)
The success of this workshop will depend a great deal on the participation of Lodge Mentors, Lodge Officers and other interested Masons. Members of the committee should be able to answer questions concerning the workshop and DDGMs have received information on the workshop as well.
The members of the committee are WB Gil Breau, MWB Wayne Hitchcock, WB Chris Kitson, RWB Robbie McLeod, RWB Don Steeves and RWB Ed Burridge.
We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.